Jun. 14th, 2017 09:30 am
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Last week, as I was going to work, I fell.

There was a motorcade, and, as I've told anyone who's asked, I have to learn to stop rather than continue to walk in those cases. The lights and noise mildly disoriented me. So, I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk. Being a good little local politician, I immediately (okay, two hours later) reported the issue. The response was a polite "Thank you" and "it will take 270 days to get this repaired." The list of broken sidewalks is so long that it takes 270 days to get it fixed.

After 5 days of bed rest, I'm doing better. The left ankle is still puffy and, more importantly, still hurts, so I'm back on a cane. I could weep. The right knee is still slightly painful and one spot still has a little swelling. The left hip hurts, too. I really love the muscle relaxants which are helping me sleep. Otherwise, I'm taking no extra medication.

I just can't believe how long sidewalk repair takes.


Aug. 26th, 2014 06:36 pm
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I had a podiatrist's appointment after my final Grand Jury Day (Yea!!!). I have had a steroid injected to help with what appears to be a bone spur which is inflaming my fascia. The injection had to go into the foot directly, and the doctor kept moving the needle to spread the injection.

It hurts. I've been told it will hurt worse tomorrow. *sniff*

Ultimately, it may let me finally get off the cane and back to walking regularly -- though I have to wait at least a week to start again and I've been told I should take it slowly to ramp back up.
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It's hard to figure out things to do when I'm alone. I know I need my walks if I'm going to heal properly (and not gain too much weight from eating enough for the energy I'm expending to heal).

Yesterday, I went to my favorite Farmer's Market, the one in Penn Quarter. I got two quarts of chocolate milk, a quart of mixed variety cherry/grape tomatoes, a couple of white peaches, baby okra, and fresh lima beans. I should eat well for a few days and I'll hit Eastern Market over the weekend.

The walk was 1.5 miles and I took the bus home. I think I ended up carrying more than ten pounds though, and the suture is hurting a bit today. I also walked a few blocks in the evening to attend a friend's birthday celebration.

This morning, my stress fracture is hurting a bit. I'm doing a load of laundry and may just do a perambulation closer to home later to baby myself. I'll still cover over a mile, but just knowing that I can get back quickly if I need to is helpful.

ETA: The tomatoes and the fresh limas were both awesome. I still have more of both. Didn't walk, but I'll make up for it.
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This seems like a good time to try this.

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently recovering from abdominal surgery for endometrial cancer. The good news is that it was caught early. The best news is that it was caught so early I will need neither chemotherapy nor radiation.

The downside is that I am on Family and Medical Leave until the first Monday in October. That's right, the Supreme Court and I start back on the same day.

My sister looked after me for a few days before the operation and for a week afterward. Sis advocated for me with the doctors and nurses when I was too weak to do so for myself. While she was here, she walked with me up and down the hall of my building (the building takes a whole city block, so that's not as short as it sounds) and toward the end we walked to the Metro stop and back (about three blocks each way) with a sit down pause in the middle.

For the past two weeks the Canterburys have been looking after me. Their kindness and generosity cannot be overstated, and they helped me go places and make outings. We've been to several museums and farmer's markets and other neato cool places. They also let me sleep as much as I needed to, which for the first week they were here was close to 16 hours a day.

Thanks to them, three weeks after the operation I'm walking two miles a day -- usually in two walks. I'm sleeping a lot, craving protein, and having moments of crankiness, but, generally, I'm doing really well for someone who had major surgery on August 12.

My posts will include a daily update about walking and eating, just to make certain that I'm doing as well as I should be.


Aug. 11th, 2013 08:57 am
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I started drinking the solution. It's awful!
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One of my colleagues looked at my feet (one booted, one braced) and said the universe is trying to tell me to take one step at a time.

Could less pain be involved in the next message?
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I have a bone riser (a condition that occurs prior to a stress fracture) on my left fifth metatarsal that is causing me considerable pain.

I have a hot, heavy protective boot to wear. Since I still am recovering from the sprain on my right ankle, I'm in a brace, but bone riser takes precedence for which side I use the cane on. To give you an idea of the pain level, wearing the hot, heavy boot on a day with high humidity felt soooo good compared to the pain without it.

I can't take anti-inflamatories as they might interfere with bone healing. I can't walk beyond absolute necessity (take the bus a block from my house rather than get my half mile walk to the metro, etc.) for 3 weeks. The boot is so thick that I, who wear sandals in the winter, have to wear a thick soled close toed shoe with it.

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Can anyone give me a recommendation about a clear book or website on how to do self-massage?

Also, does anyone know where I can information on colonoscopy without anaesthetic or with conscious sedation? I am terrified of being put under. Those of you who know my appendectomy story know that I fight and flail when I'm under. The doctor keeps trying to insist on full anaesthesia, but it's an outpatient procedure. I have a hugely high pain threshold.


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