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Dear Santa -- I've been a good girl and posted lots of stories.

In general, I'm thrilled that you're writing for me and I'm thrilled to be taking part in another Yuletide.

I've put any fandom specific limitations in the prompts, but there are some things I just really love or hate.

General nos: Extreme violence. Rape or Dubcon. There are certain acts which just don't turn me on: scat, blood play, golden showers.

All BDSM must be safe, sane, and consensual.

General yeses: Exploration of emotions and the consequences of actions. I'm fine with explicit slash, het, or threesomes (or moresomes).

The fandoms are :
Talk of the Town:
Welcome to the Punch

Spoilers for the final season of Continuum are under the cut as are the detailed requests )
Dear, dear author -- thank you so much for writing for me. I can't wait to read it.

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My assignment:

I was matched up with Jenett again on Lammas Night, but she also had Agora as a possibility. I had the movie, watched it, fell in love, and wrote The Beauty of Philosophy. However, the original match kept haunting me, so, for the first time, I wrote a treat. It's in Lammas Night and called The Early Days.

I also did quite a bit of pinch-hitting. There were two which couldn't be directly assigned:

Halloween in the Bewitched fandom, and Little Miracles in Crossing Jordan.

One pinch-hit ended up assigned doubly which made my entry in Anne of Green Gables a treat, too. The story is called Patty's Place on a Wintery Friday Evening once again proving that I'm terrible at titles.

And here are my assigned pinch hits:
Women and Men and Beds in Kill Your Darlings (the only Explicit story this year)

An Evening In in Enchanted

To Write a Sermon in Mansfield Park

A Week Later in Twelfth Night (the first of three Shakespeare assignments)

The following were written after the December 20 deadline passed.
Preparation in Hamlet

Pride in Coriolanus

Planning the Future in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The Last Night in Kings (not Explicit, but definitely Mature)

All in all, it was a lovely Yuletide.
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Many, many of the people on my friends list, and several of you who've become friends face-to-face, are people I originally met through the forums at TWoP.

I have been a member there since May 22, 2000. I didn't hit Stalker status at the website until well into the first season of Smallville. My first forays into the pseudo-html code the forums use prepared me to use real html. With Queenofalostart and Miss Windy, I helped put together a tiny Smallville Con at the end of the first season, and we got a grant from [livejournal.com profile] arisia to help us. It was also the very first of the TWoP cons and helped provide a model for the much bigger Amazing Race meet-ups and other forum conventions.

When I first started with them, the site was called Dawson's Wrap. It became MightyBigTV when they decided to expand and start recapping other shows with other forums. When a business wanted to be able to use MBTV as an internet shortcut, they paid the original founders of the site (Glark, Wing Chun, and Sars) to change the url. I was online the night the changeover happened and all sorts of weird glitches kept cropping up which drove me crazy until they finally posted the announcement about the name change.

The story I want to tell, though, is the story of 9/11. Sars was on Wall Street that day, and her account at her blog, Tomato Nation was posted on September 14. It was the first account I read from someone who was so close to the devastation and it's still a good read.

But what was important was what Glark and Wing Chun did as they were waiting for the news of their friend. They closed the forums, but opened two threads. The first thread they asked everyone to log-in just once. It let us know who was or might be missing (and I still remember the fanfiction yahoo groups that I was on, especially the one from Man from UNCLE, asking all of the American fans to check in. We lost two people off that list to the collapse of the towers.). Anyone could check that thread for news of their friends.

The other thread was a discussion and news thread. Sites for The New York Times, Washington Post, and other papers of record were collapsing under the weight of hits from people trying to find out the newest and most accurate information. People who made it through, especially to NYTimes and Washington Post would copy and paste the articles in the threads. We were able to keep up with the news, find our friends, and mourn together. We were all relieved when an announcement went up on the front page saying that Sars had been in touch.

TWoP introduced me to so many good people and wonderful things. My biggest worry is that the archives will not be publicly accessible. I don't know what The Wayback Machine has captured or not, but this has made me worry about future documentation for scholars. (I've participated in at least four master's papers with people researching the site. Scholars were always welcome to post links to surveys or request first person stories about our participation with TWoP.)

The internet is ephemeral, of course, but there are certain sites that we expect to have always with us. TWoP was one of them for me.

ETA: One of my favorite recappers, Miss Alli, posted a reminiscence at the NPR website.
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I wrote nine stories again this Yuletide. All of my pinch hits were picked up after December 12, and most were after December 16.

I was deeply thrilled to get my first choice fandom as my original assignment. Stumped is set on the world Mirabile, from the book of the same name by Janet Kagan.

Untitled is different from anything I've ever written. The fandom is T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. There are images of WWI in this one.

I volunteered for this pinch hit because I thought I could write something in Cyteen. One of the other choices was a two minute song called "Andrew in Drag." Stricken is "Andrew in Drag" fanfiction. I may write the other prompt as a New Year's Resolution story.

Zaphod Beeblebrox is the centerpiece of Recalibration. I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] undauntra for the original spark of idea which was a tremendous help. Once I had something, I could run with it, but she's the one who gave me the something.

Brussels is a case story in the Covert Affairs fandom. I wrote most of it from Auggie's point of view.

I was asked to have a Body in the Library and an Agatha Christie reference for a story in the Lewis fandom. It's just Lewis and Hathaway on a simple case.

I adore The Thin Man movies. I've read the book several times, too. So when I saw a Nick and Nora Charles prompt, I had to put my hand up. Considerably Before the Thin Man is a take on their first meeting. The title was suggested by [livejournal.com profile] gileswench who also betaed every single one of these stories. No one should have to beta on such short notice (due to tight deadlines) or in so many disparate fandoms. I love my Twisted Sister.

My first foray into mythology is from Hippolyta's point of view. Queen of Lemnos is one imagining of Hippolyta and Theseus story and courtship.

My very last story was set on the Disc. It's my second time playing in Pratchett's sandbox, and this time Sam and Sybil take A Trip to Lancre to meet Tiffany Aching, Nanny Ogg, and, briefly, Granny Weatherwax.

18,945 words most of them written in under two weeks. I love [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.
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Can someone give me an idea how to produce a couple of these? More and more of the jobs I'm looking at require them, but a) I don't have any prepared and b) I'm not entirely certain what they're looking for.

I am pretty certain my latest fanfiction is probably not the right thing to present -- no matter how much they might like Discworld or Buckaroo Banzai. *G*


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