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I got two gifts this year, both lovely. The first was in The LXD fandom. It's called Breathe. Stay Calm. You're gonna be OK. The other was in The Shadow fandom, Dinner with Uncle Wainwright.

I wrote 13 stories. My assignment was in Diana Wynn Jones' Fire and Hemlock 'verse for Minnabird: Gaudeamus Igitur.

The pinch hits were:
Dinner at Eight for the TV version of the Phryne Fisher stories.

End of the Vacation for Midsommer Murders

The Other Side of the Door in Hail, Caesar

Celebration at the Mill for the UK North and South series

Enter/Return for Tron, Legacy

Serial for Forever Knight

A Listening Ear in Robin of Sherwood

A Tale for a Cold Summer Night in Lois McMaster Bujold's Chalion universe

Sparkling in the Now You See Me fandom

Wollaston Beach in The Departed fandom

Memory for the movie Amazing Grace


On This 'Ane Night which is a Tiffany Aching/Discworld story
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Dear Yule Goat -- I've been a good girl and posted lots of stories.

In general, I'm thrilled that you're writing for me and I'm thrilled to be taking part in another Yuletide.

I've put any fandom specific limitations in the prompts, but there are some things I just really love or hate.

General nos: Extreme violence. Rape or Dubcon. There are certain acts which just don't turn me on: scat, blood play, golden showers.

All BDSM must be safe, sane, and consensual.

General yeses: Exploration of emotions and the consequences of actions. I'm fine with explicit slash, het, or threesomes (or moresomes).
The fandoms are :
Legion of Extraordinary Dancers
Hellspark! by Janet Kagan
Kingdom of Heaven
The Shadow
The detailed requests )
Dear, dear author -- thank you so much for writing for me. I can't wait to read it.
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My story:
Fandom: Talk of the Town - Movie
Story: I'm getting tired of people making up my mind for me by melodiousb (http://archiveofourown.org/works/5475905)

This is a movie that I thought I'd seen years ago. When I watched it last summer, I realized I'd been wrong. I loved it. This was one of the few times I could see a real OT3 evolving from the relationships on screen. My author was a real godsend. I know that my request was sent to the pinch hit list both on 12/15 and on 12/20. She came up with something lovely in very short order. I love it, and I hope people discover both the movie and her story.

One assignment, one gift, and eleven pinch hits under the cut )
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I have submitted my main story and completed three pinch hits for a total of 12,028 words. The big pinch hit push will come next week. It'll be interesting.
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Dear Santa -- I've been a good girl and posted lots of stories.

In general, I'm thrilled that you're writing for me and I'm thrilled to be taking part in another Yuletide.

I've put any fandom specific limitations in the prompts, but there are some things I just really love or hate.

General nos: Extreme violence. Rape or Dubcon. There are certain acts which just don't turn me on: scat, blood play, golden showers.

All BDSM must be safe, sane, and consensual.

General yeses: Exploration of emotions and the consequences of actions. I'm fine with explicit slash, het, or threesomes (or moresomes).

The fandoms are :
Talk of the Town:
Welcome to the Punch

Spoilers for the final season of Continuum are under the cut as are the detailed requests )
Dear, dear author -- thank you so much for writing for me. I can't wait to read it.

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My assignment:

I was matched up with Jenett again on Lammas Night, but she also had Agora as a possibility. I had the movie, watched it, fell in love, and wrote The Beauty of Philosophy. However, the original match kept haunting me, so, for the first time, I wrote a treat. It's in Lammas Night and called The Early Days.

I also did quite a bit of pinch-hitting. There were two which couldn't be directly assigned:

Halloween in the Bewitched fandom, and Little Miracles in Crossing Jordan.

One pinch-hit ended up assigned doubly which made my entry in Anne of Green Gables a treat, too. The story is called Patty's Place on a Wintery Friday Evening once again proving that I'm terrible at titles.

And here are my assigned pinch hits:
Women and Men and Beds in Kill Your Darlings (the only Explicit story this year)

An Evening In in Enchanted

To Write a Sermon in Mansfield Park

A Week Later in Twelfth Night (the first of three Shakespeare assignments)

The following were written after the December 20 deadline passed.
Preparation in Hamlet

Pride in Coriolanus

Planning the Future in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

The Last Night in Kings (not Explicit, but definitely Mature)

All in all, it was a lovely Yuletide.


Oct. 30th, 2014 09:59 am
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Whee! I got my assignment! Now, I just have to wait for the first batch of pinch-hits. It's YULETIDE!
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And I made my offers. Can't wait to get the first pinch-hit email. *Squeeeee!*
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Dear Yuletide Author --

I've been a good girl and posted lots of stories.

I'm thrilled that you're writing for me, and I'm thrilled to be taking part in another [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.

The fandoms below are fandoms of my heart. VR.5 has been requested before and is the one I've been fascinated by the longest. The Nick Dear version of Frankenstein was something I stumbled on last year, and it just grabbed me by the throat. Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD) was another stumble. I saw it advertised on Hulu about halfway through its first season and squeed mightily upon viewing. I've continued to hope for a fourth season, but I know it's forlorn at best. Lastly, I loved Amazing Grace when I saw it in the theater. I recently saw it again and fell in love all over. Different aspects stood out to me this time, too.

I've put any fandom specific limitations in the prompts, but there are some things I just really love or hate.

General nos: Extreme violence. Rape or Dubcon. There are certain acts which just don't turn me on: scat, blood play, golden showers.

All BDSM must be safe, sane, and consensual.

General yeses: Exploration of emotions and the consequences of actions. I'm fine with explicit slash, het, or threesomes (or moresomes).

VR.5: I adored this show. If you don't own it, the episodes can be found on YouTube.

Duncan -- he stayed with Sydney throughout her life. Her mother is in a mental facility, her father and sister are dead -- or not, but Duncan has remained a constant. He knew kabbalah symbols before the practice was as famous as it is now. He's not plugged in to the virtual world, but he deals in the mystic. In "Escape," his prolonged VR.5 interlude was entirely inside his own head, something no one else had done. I'd like to know how he made his choice to stay at Sydney's side. I'd rather keep Duncan and Sydney as a platonic relationship.

There's also the neon sign on the roof of their building. Seymour's with its flashing lights rotating through "Eat More, Sleep More, Play More" -- and in VR, Sydney (and others) certainly "see more" than they otherwise would. Sydney and Duncan often meet late at night under it. What does the Buddhist leaning Duncan make of it?

I also adore Oliver and Sydney's relationship and Oliver with Alex and her many faces. An exploration of the Bloom marriage pre-car accident would be stunning. Or a character study of either of the Bloom parents that includes the missing twin. Any rating. Essentially, I'm easy in this fandom. There's so little exploration of this multi-levelled world.

Frankenstein (Nick Dear): I saw this last year for the first time and was blown away. Here's my original review from seeing it.
I want more of the Creature's interior life -- the bad as well as the good. His love of Milton is striking, but what other literature did he pick up? His relationship to the world when he's a "baby" is also fascinating.

I loved the Creature's conversation with Elizabeth (and was horrified by its ending, of course). Could he have spoken to her in the dark earlier? Maybe this wasn't their first conversation even though it's the first time she's seen him? (If you include the actual scene ending from the play, this would, of course, be the one exception to my rape/dubcon stricture.)

And Elizabeth's conversation with Victor where she mentions children is another fascinating moment. This is one where the actors had, to my mind, very different reactions. Miller's was just surprised that he'd missed something so simple. Cumberbatch's seemed to want something he'd created by himself. If you can write something that reflects both characterizations, I will love you forever.

Please don't get too graphic with the violence. I don't mind relatively explicit sex, but would prefer that it be het -- or at least not Creature/Victor -- for this fandom.

Amazing Grace (2006 movie): I'd like a Wilberforce/Pitt pairing whether Friendship or Slash, though no adultery, please.

In the immediate aftermath of the card game with the Duke of Clarence, there's a long pause between Wilberforce asking "Do you remember I used to sing?" and Pitt's answer of "I do." What memories fill that pause? What was their friendship like at Cambridge. Pitt never married, was reputed never to have been interested in women, nor was he ever linked to any man. Yet there's so much joy when he talks about being Prime Minister or running with Wilberforce. He obviously cares about his friend, and his friend's cause, to the point of introducing him to the core group of agitators, and yet, he's a pragmatist about what's possible. How much love must he have had for his friend to be the catalyst of that core? And how does Wilberforce view that pragmatism? Wilberforce obviously still cares deeply about his friend, even when they are at odds politically. He reconciles with Pitt by inviting him to his wedding. What does that do to them and their friendship?

Any rating through Explicit for sex. I don't enjoy graphic violence. If you see Pitt as asexual, then friendship fic is a wonderful addition.

Legion of Extraordinary Dancers aka The LXD: I have no objections to sex and any rating through explicit is fine in this fandom. My only real squick is having evil win the war.

Sp3cimen and Autumn's relationship when he's in the hospital in season 1 is gorgeous. Then in Season 3, he comes to her only to find that she's now a minion of the Dark Doctor and ends up turned himself. Since there hasn't been a season 4, how do they become good guys again? Any exploration of their relationship pre-season 3 would also be wonderful, whether direct or indirect (do they keep just barely missing each other?). Feel free to bring in the other dancers as you wish. We were limited to four characters, but I really do love all the dancers (even if I'm not fond of the Dark Doctor characters). This doesn't have to have a happy ending for them (though, I love happy endings), but if there's a "good guys win through sacrifice" ending, I can accept a bittersweet or sad ending for them.

I love Elliot Hoo (Harry Shum, Jr. is brilliant), and the Season 3 episode where his shoes need to be repaired is delightful. He also seems to have real chemistry with Vivienne (the head of the clothing department). There's so much going on, that I'd love to see expanded. I could also see it as a simple (or complicated) love story in time of war. Sp3cimen ends up being their entrée to the costuming area, so exploring his ability to persuade women (which he may be oblivious to) is also fun. The ascended fanboys and the assistants are hilarious, so feel free to throw them in if you like.

I have to say, I love the good side in this war. I'd rather not have too much exploration of the Dark Doctor side of things, unless you're getting Sp3cimen and Autumn out of his clutches. Obviously, a battle or confrontation needs both sides, so I'm not saying "DON'T!" just expressing a preference.

Dear, dear author -- thank you so much for writing for me. I can't wait to read it.

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I had one assignment and eight pinch-hits this year, which means one fewer than last year and the year before. Three of them were very last minute, including one on Christmas Eve. The total word count is 16,548. My gifts, and they were lovely, are in bold below.

My assignment was in Foyle's War. It's Gen, rated teen, and titled Vignettes. [Gen, rated Teen]

The first pinch-hit I picked up, but it took me longest to post, was in The Sound of Music fandom. The request was for Captain/Maria porn with hints of BDSM based around the Captain's carrying a riding crop in an early discussion with Elsa. I'm bad at titles, if you hadn't noticed, so this is just called Wedding Night. For the record, Georg von Trapp was a junior officer who fought in the Boxer Rebellion. [het relationship, rated Explicit]

It's hard, sometimes, to tell how good or bad a story is until a long time later. Circus Housekeeping is one that I think will hold up later. I hope it will. The fandom is Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and there are various reasons why I had to jump at this one, including Dad being an exchange officer in London from 1967-69.[slash (technically), rated Mature]

I picked this one up for another of the prompts, but became intrigued by the idea of Walt Whitman and Oscar Wilde seducing each other. When I found out that they'd actually met... Elegy was the result.[slash, rated Teen]

Bletchley Circle features four intelligent, kickass women. The request was for the back story of one of the women. The World and all its Wonders was my idea of how she got from war time Bletchley to 1950s London. [Gen, rated Teen]

I adored the movie Now You See Me. My gift was The Year of Living Dangerously by jenbug. It's a lovely series of moments from Henley's point of view as the disparate group becomes a team. [Gen and het, not rated]

My own contribution to the fandom was a pinch-hit called Team Building Exercises. It's focused mostly on Danny and Merritt, but covers the whole team dynamic, too. [Gen, rated Mature]

I also got a gorgeous Beauty and the Beast (1987) drabble called What Does the Mouse See by uniquepov. It's amazing what can be done in 100 words. [Gen, rated G]

I've been rewatching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and I really wish it had gotten a third season. I was thrilled to pick up the prompt and wrote Journal Entries. [Gen, rated Teen]

This Yuletide ended up being predominantly British for me, and the last of my British stories is in The Hour. It's a fix-it for the end of their second and final season (dammit!) called All through the Night. [Het focused, rated Teen]

And the one I got on Christmas Eve was Storytelling in the Sleepy Hollow 'verse. [Gen, rated G]

Two Things

Oct. 18th, 2013 10:07 pm
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1) Why did no one tell me that Ron Perlman was in Pacific Rim?!?

2) I got my [livejournal.com profile] yuletide assignment. I'm a bit surprised on what I ended up matching with.
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that I'm already thinking about NEXT year's fandoms for Yuletide. It Takes A Thief and VR.5 are currently heading the list.
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I just signed up with my ten offers and five requests. *squee!*
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Yuletide 2013

Dear Yuletide Writer:

Once again, I was a very good girl and posted lots of smut on the internet. I know sign-ups haven't officially opened yet, but I wanted to get started.

The fandoms below are fandoms of the heart.

Peale Family RPF: Please see Rembrandt Peele’s portrait of Rubens Peele with geranium -- (rating through Mature, please see the hard line squick mentioned below)

I look at this painting and see brothers who love each other (not in the Petrelli or Winchester sense. That's a hard squick for me with this pairing.). Rubens is about 17 in the painting; the painter, Rembrandt is older by about 6 years. The geranium may be the first one grown from seed in the nascent United States. Honestly, I don't care if the story is from the geranium's point of view or if it's Rubens thoughts as he sits -- he was described as the family model since he didn't learn to paint until he was in his 40s -- or Rembrandt's point of view. He was already a famous portraitist. He'd painted George Washington when he was only 16 and Washington was late in his presidency, so this isn't an advertisement of his abilities. If you throw in their father or their other siblings, that would be fine, too. I just want a story focused on a painting I love and the fraternal relationship it portrays.

Now You See Me – (any rating including Explicit with the caveats below)
I’m a huge fan of the dynamics for The Four Horsemen and wish we’d seen more in the movie. How did the Four Horsemen go from 4 separate “acts” to the kind of big act we see them doing in Las Vegas, New Orleans, and 5 Pointz? Planning details, rehearsals, deciphering the schematics, learning to work together, personality clashes (or surprises where they don’t clash), learning each others techniques(?), etc. An outside-looking-in story from the support team behind the scenes at the shows would be good. What was the significance of the tarot cards they were given (Lovers, Death, Hermit, and Priestess)? Or how did they spend their time in Paris planting the idea in Etienne for Vegas? I don’t particularly like the character of Dylan Rhodes, but I’m fine with a prequel to the movie that shows the characters from his POV – why he thinks these four are worthy for the Eye or why they could become The Four Horsemen. Thaddeus, Arthur or Alma's POV might be interesting, especially if they've heard of or seen them before the first show. I love porn, but Gen is fine. Daniel/Henley endgame is good. No Merritt/Henley, but I have no objection to Jack/Henley as a diversion. I could even see some casual slash with Daniel/Jack or a Daniel/Henley/Jack threesome. If you want to use the extended version of the movie or incorporate some of the deleted scenes -- including the alternate ending in the desert -- I'm fine with that. I'm also all right with future fic, but missing year stories are what I'm jonesing for.

Hellspark! by Janet Kagan -- (Any rating EXCEPT explicit) I want a post-book story about Tocohl as a Byworld Judge. If Om im has already joined her as a judge's aide, all the better. If it involves Buntec, Edge-of-Dark, Tinling Alfvaen, or even "Old Rattlebrain," that's all to the good. I loved the festival of Saint Veshke -- and it's implied that there's always a need for Byworld Judges there -- but I could also see another story set on Flashfever dealing with the sprookjes and their off-world trading.

Beauty and the Beast (1987 TV Series) -- (any rating through Explicit. Hard squicks include humiliations, scat, blood play, watersports, non-consensual sex as more than a passing mention (e.g. mentioning an assault in a character's past).)

Elliott Burch. I'd love something about his relationship with Vincent after Catherine's death, but I'd also love anything that deals with how Catherine changed him. It's a profound change, and it's shown over the three seasons. I love this character. An interaction between Burch and the World Below would be especially pleasing.

I would also be happy with a season 1/season 2 type story centered around the World Below and Vincent's relationship with Catherine. I love Pascal, Mouse, Samantha, and Father and love reading about Paracelsus. In the World Above, I love Joe Maxwell and Catherine's father in addition to Elliott. I'm happy with just about anything in this fandom.

Mr. Calder and Mr. Behrens -- Michael Gilbert (Teen or Mature -- no sex)

I want another of their adventures, with or without Rasselas. My favorite of all the stories is "The Decline and Fall of Mr. Behrens" with it's line "Few people fight dirtier than an aroused establishment" and his fighting very dirty indeed when he's angry. I love Rasselas. I like Mr. Fortescue. The Dilly Club would be a nice inclusion. There's something so comforting about their brand of British ruthlessness.

Thank you for writing for me and participating in Yuletide. There's so much squee!
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I cannot thank [livejournal.com profile] eanja enough for introducing me to [livejournal.com profile] yuletide a few years ago. I wrote New Year's Resolution stories in 2007 and 2008, and ended up getting my first Yuletide assignment in 2009 as well as writing a treat. Last year was my first time nominating fandoms.

For the past three years, I have been on the pinch hit list. I wrote three pinch hits the first year (Fandoms: "All's Well That Ends Well," "Fringe," and "Blade Runner"), eight in 2011 (Fandoms: "Edward and Mrs. Simpson," "Discworld," "16th & 17th Century RPF," "Buckaroo Banzai," "Swan Lake," "Holiday," "The Philadelphia Story," and "My Fair Lady"), and eight in 2012 (Fandoms: "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," "The Thin Man," "Inspector Lewis," "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," "Discworld," "Covert Affairs," "Andrew in Drag," and "Greek Mythology").
Read more... )
What I'm trying to say is "there's no right way or wrong way to do Yuletide." I focus on my original assignment and pinch hits. Others only write one story, but go into great depth. There are even people who stay on the pinch hit list and write stories without signing up to get a story themselves.

I don't tag wrangle or otherwise volunteer with the moderating group, but I follow the offers list to make certain that even the smallest/oddest fandom that I could possibly write for gets its chance.

And each year, the moderators and volunteers do wonderful things to make sure we get our little pieces of Yuletide Magic on December 25th.
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I've been reading fanfiction recommendations mostly.

It's a good diversion.

It's also helping me prepare for Yuletide.

Anyone else signing up?
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I wrote nine stories again this Yuletide. All of my pinch hits were picked up after December 12, and most were after December 16.

I was deeply thrilled to get my first choice fandom as my original assignment. Stumped is set on the world Mirabile, from the book of the same name by Janet Kagan.

Untitled is different from anything I've ever written. The fandom is T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. There are images of WWI in this one.

I volunteered for this pinch hit because I thought I could write something in Cyteen. One of the other choices was a two minute song called "Andrew in Drag." Stricken is "Andrew in Drag" fanfiction. I may write the other prompt as a New Year's Resolution story.

Zaphod Beeblebrox is the centerpiece of Recalibration. I have to thank [livejournal.com profile] undauntra for the original spark of idea which was a tremendous help. Once I had something, I could run with it, but she's the one who gave me the something.

Brussels is a case story in the Covert Affairs fandom. I wrote most of it from Auggie's point of view.

I was asked to have a Body in the Library and an Agatha Christie reference for a story in the Lewis fandom. It's just Lewis and Hathaway on a simple case.

I adore The Thin Man movies. I've read the book several times, too. So when I saw a Nick and Nora Charles prompt, I had to put my hand up. Considerably Before the Thin Man is a take on their first meeting. The title was suggested by [livejournal.com profile] gileswench who also betaed every single one of these stories. No one should have to beta on such short notice (due to tight deadlines) or in so many disparate fandoms. I love my Twisted Sister.

My first foray into mythology is from Hippolyta's point of view. Queen of Lemnos is one imagining of Hippolyta and Theseus story and courtship.

My very last story was set on the Disc. It's my second time playing in Pratchett's sandbox, and this time Sam and Sybil take A Trip to Lancre to meet Tiffany Aching, Nanny Ogg, and, briefly, Granny Weatherwax.

18,945 words most of them written in under two weeks. I love [livejournal.com profile] yuletide.
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SERE I, Spy fandom, and the character voices are spot on.

Beautiful -- a Kingdom of Heaven story exploring the relationship between Baldwin and Sybilla.

Highest Aspiration Kings. This one was written for me and it’s a lovely Thomasina point of view. I was thrilled.

Echoes of the Wolf Le Pacte des Loups/Brotherhood of the Wolf, this story is a prequel about the beginnings of Mani and Fronsac's friendship.
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The Very Secret Diaries of Saint Augustine I have never liked his doctrines, so this? made me crack up.

There's knitting Anthropomorfic for anyone who knows about knitting.

Milk and Honey: The deathbed of Baldwin IV Leper King.

Confessions Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of Rosaline.

The Cuckoo's Agenda C.J. Cherryh fic in the Cyteen 'verse

Sovereign Isle Is She Dangerous Beauty by someone concerned for the actual history.

It's been a good year.
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I have Mondays December 24 and 31 off, which was just vouchsafed me today!

Also, I have fulfilled my assignment for [livejournal.com profile] yuletide and completed all six seven eight of my pinch-hits. I think it will be a good year.


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