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This is the link to make a donation to the rebuilding fund.

The fire started in the iconic library. This is what it looks like now.

And this is what it looked like before:
Historic Glasgow library
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The fire began in the The Library (link goes to a panoramic interactive view) and that part of the building has almost totally been destroyed. The rest is still viable, but will need lots of work. Many have declared that the Library should be rebuilt, just the same as it was. Rennie Mackintosh and Mary MacDonald left detailed notes and drawings on all their projects. It should be possible to make a full restoration, if there's money for it, if there's the skill for it.
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I've just found out that the Glasgow School of Art has had a fire. The Guardian is reporting that the building is 90% viable, but Mackintosh and his wife, Margaret MacDonald, were all about the details, and I worry that some of those may be lost.

I've loved Rennie Mackintosh's work for such a long time. It's one of my defining charatceristics, as strange as that may sound. Mom and I had a delightful weekend in Glasgow together (I know me, Mom and "delightful" in the same sentence!) going to Willow Tearooms and finding everything of his that we could that was open.

One thing I always notice is that if you want the future in a chair, go to Rennie Mackintosh.
Star Trek, in several iterations used his chairs, so did Babylon 5 and I even caught one in an episode of Fringe.

I hope the School is all right. Its legacy is priceless.


Jul. 17th, 2013 05:09 pm
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I never watched Transformers. It was after my time.

However, I fell in love with the Citroen DS (aka Goddess, if you like puns in Franglais) the first time I saw one. It is a pure and true adoration, and my various winning the lottery fantasies always include owning at least one in mint condition.

Today, at the New York Times there was an article on a Citroen Transformer created by artist Chico MacMurtrie. Go have a look, and don't forget to click on the video showing the transformation. She goes from the sleekest, sexiest car on the road to a Mecha as elegant as the Chrysler building (though I think the inflatable is cheating a little).

Go, go. It's gorgeous!


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